Messenger avvecklar one-way-cam

I nyaste uppdateringen av Live Messenger (MSN) har man tagit bort alternativet Visa Webcam och nu går det bara välja Videokonversation. Resultatet är sämre kvalité och ljudet följer med som default, så glöm inte mute:a micken om du inte vill motparten ska höra dig.

Anledningen är att man vill förbereda tekniken för Wave4, nästa version av Messenger som förväntas dyka upp inom en snar framtid, skriver man på Inside Windows Live:

In the past, we offered two choices to start a video conversation with someone.  You could either click “Video Call” or select “Show my webcam.”  Video Call is the full-featured option that includes two-way video and audio.  It is how most people expect video calling to work. Show my webcam was a one-way feature, where you could show your webcam’s video to your friend, without audio.

This caused a lot of confusion, and our data showed users would often click “Show my webcam”, only to be surprised they didn’t have audio, and couldn’t see their friend.  They would then attempt to turn these on separately.  Furthermore, the two features used a different video code-path which made switching between these scenarios hard, and also made it hard for the team to make quality & performance improvements to the scenario as a whole.

In our latest update, we have simplified the command to just “Start Video Call”…  If you have a webcam, but your friend does not, they will be able to see you and hear you, and you’ll be able hear them if they have a microphone.  If you do not want to hear your friend, or do not want to share your audio, you can simply toggle the microphone icon next to your picture or the speaker icon next to your friend‘s picture.

There are only really two aspects that are different:  (1) it is no longer easy to hide your webcam’s feed if you have one enabled when you start a video call (you can still do this using the AV settings dialog).   (2) You can no longer set up “webcam rings” with multiple people sharing silent video one-way.  There are valid reasons to enable both of these scenarios, but their usage was very infrequent, and made both the user experience and the code overly complicated.  This is why we have chosen to move forward with a simpler option.  Please look for a post soon about our expanded video capabilities in Wave 4.

Vi får hoppas Wave 4 dyker upp snart, för än så länge känns det som en klar nedgradering av tjänsten…