Ask a Transsexual

En YouTube-kanal på engelska där jag besvarar frågor om transsexualism. Ibland dyker en del andra klipp på engelska upp. ;)

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  • Timok

    Hello Hanna

    Jag har sett Er You Tube filmer många gånger. Veldig bra ! Tacker hjärtiliga !
    Jag skriver från Norge.

    It is very brave of you to express your feelings and thoughts so openly to the World. I am sure that it is a great help TS people and people who have gender disorentation. In my case, my testosterone levels were very low as a child for medical reasons which meant that I grew up in a low testosterone regime. I have therefore remained single throughout my life, and have never had the motivating drive to find a ladyfriend and settle down in a normal manner. One therefore remains as a very independent individual, able to muster own inspiration and happiness without the support of other people.

    Keep up the good work. I hope you find happiness in life with your two lovely doggies and pleasant resident in the environs of Stockholm.

    Would be great to meet up some time to discuss objectively intellectually various issues surrounding TS.

    Kind wishes/med bästa hälsningar


    • Glad you like my videos! :D I don’t often meet with people in real life, but you can write me on MSN or Facebook. My contact infos are up at the top in the right column.