Liberatio-Hedonistic Libertarianism

Jag har börjat läsa boken ‘Liberatio-Hedonistic Libertarianism‘, författad av Jason Licht. Här är ett utdrag ur inledningen, för att ge en känsla för bokens innehåll. Den är precis så provocerande och rättfram att jag inte kan låta bli att älska den.

Being a consumer and worker are the only choices we know of–work to consume, work even more to consume even more. Repeat ad infnitum. The day we retire seems almost like a blessing. ”Finally I am old enough not to work! Hurray!”

Every human being is programmed in the same way. We follow the same cycle of life: study at school, work at a job, serve the country, and worship the TV. If we aren’t already robots by childhood, we surly will be by the time we are young adults. ”But the state must be right!”, you say. ”They must do what is best for us, right? Surely they must care for our lives; otherwise they wouldn’t restrict us so immensely, would they? They must know something we don’t.” Make no mistake: every politician has his own agenda, more often involving money and power than not.
Like lab rats, we run around in mazes created by our government, desperately hunting for some kind of reward at the end of the maze. Unfortunately, most of us run around in the maze our entire lives, bumping into walls and obstacles, unable to find that special reward we have been promised, never realizing that we are prisoners. And yet, we still believe the lies that we are fed.

We didn’t make the laws, we didn’t set up the rules, but still we don’t seem to find any reason to question their purpose. On the contrary, we gladly accept whatever shit-law that the government passes, no mater how silly it seems. We have all become participants in the children’s story ”The emperor’s new clothes”, praising whatever nonsense our so-called leaders are up to. What gives other people the right to tell us what we can and cannot do? Why are authorities more potent in making decisions in our stead?

Communists and nationalists yell: ”Help us! Help us! We are weak and powerless, take care of us!” They expect someone else, the government, to help them set the rules, to tell them what they can and cannot do, what to think and how to act. Libertarians say ”I can take care of myself. I can make decisions on my own. And I sure as hell don’t need anyone else to tell me what is what, especially not a corrupt government!”

Går att ladda ner på The Pirate Bay förstås och väl värd att läsas, vilket går ganska fort då den bara är ca 200 sidor lång.