The Research Bay

Idag och tre dagar totalt har The Pirate Bay överlåtit till Lunds Universitet att studera fenomenet fildelning.

Genom att klicka på loggan på TPBs startsida kommer du till en undersökning som ställer ett antal frågor om dina fildelningsvanor. Undersökningen är anonym och syftet är att kartlägga fildelningsvanorna hos alla TPB-surfare, världen över.

As of today and a couple of days forward researchers from the Cybernorms research group will collect survey data together with The Pirate Bay. The researchers are based at Lund University in Southern Sweden and are studying habits and norms within the file-sharing community, and there is no better place to do so than on The Pirate Bay – the greatest file-sharing site of them all!

You can help them (and us!) out by clicking our front logo to go to their short online survey. If you haven’t done that yet, please do!

The survey will be open occasionally during this period to ensure that users from all over the world can participate. To make the selection correct this means not everyone will be able to answer the question.

If you have arrived to this blogpost without first filling out their survey, this still helps them to make their calculation thingies. Do not feel let down by this, but be happy and keep share those files.

The statistics and outcome will be presented here at The Pirate Bay (and with the help of other file-sharing communities) when it is completed and scientifically prepared. Please help them by giving your point of view on file-sharing related issues. This may be the time when YOU can tell the world about the real mind of the torrent community.

Oh, if you were worried: No IP addresses or other personal data will be collected. The privacy of our users is our number one priority.