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  • Everytime i get the ”blocked in your country” message, i feel like im living inside a plastic bubble that blocks out everything that makes you think. Luckilly for everyone else, it goes both ways, so you are spared from our crappy tv. I know there are ways around it, but really don’t understand what SVT are gaining from blocking this…

    • It’s probably due to copyright infringements.

      • Copyright laws are often quite silly. They should totally air this on danish tv. It would be nice to see a documentary that wasn’t about buildings or teen mothers :)

      • Anonym

        SVT doesn’t block everything, just the programs that they don’t own. It’s the licensed stuff they have to block due to licensing contracts.

        SVT-produced stuff is available to view for international viewers (or atleast it was half a year ago). That means, probably, that everyone in the entire world should pay ”TV-licensen”, since they can receive SVT’s programs. :P

    • Anonym

      If you use Mozilla Firefox however, there’s a way for this to be fixed. I can’t recall exactly how, but look into the plugin ”Modified headers”..