Quantative Easing – Sedelpressen på maxfart

Enligt Keynesianismens logik så kan man öka köpkraften och därmed ekonomin genom att trycka mer pengar. Det enda som sker är dock att inflationen ökar och det skapas bubblor som sedan kraschar.

I en Essä på sin blogg förklarar Omid Malekan hur. Det här är obligatorisk läsning för dig som tycker nationalekonomi är förvirrande och svårbegripligt.

To see why stock prices and hiring are not correlated, imagine yourself as the owner of a pizza shop. The economy has been bad, and people are buying less pizza, so you fire 2 of your cooks and reduce the number of pies you prepare. Suddenly, your cousin Ben wins the lottery and decides to give you $10,000 for a piece of your business.

Now that you have another 10 grand in the bank, and your business is worth a bit more, are you suddenly going to hire back the 2 cooks to make more pies that nobody will buy? Or will you just put the money in the bank and wait for when demand returns? The stock market exists to help companies raise capital.

With most stocks near all time highs and US corporations holding record cash on their balance sheets, access to capital is not the problem. Lack of demand is the problem, and no amount of financial manipulation is going to change that.