Forskare hittar könsgen hos möss

An international team found that the action of a single gene is all that stops females from developing male physical traits, including testes and facial hair.

When this gene was artificially “switched off” in adult female mice their ovaries began to turn into testes and they started to produce a level of testosterone found in healthy male mice.


Även hos ABC Science finner vi en artikel som beskriver upptäckten.

Scientists have revealed that the ovaries of female mice have to actively repress their urge to become testes throughout life.

The study, published in today’s edition of Cell, overturns the idea that sex organs remain one or the other and could lead to further understanding of human sex disorders.

ABC Science

Det här ger ju onekligen hopp om framtida genbehandlingar för transsexuella, även om det förstås är en lång väg att gå från experiment på möss till genbehandlingar för människor.

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