Studie bekräftar: kriminalisering förvärrar våld mot sexsäljare

En Kanadensisk studie utförd i Vancuver bekräftar det vi redan visste om kriminalisering av sexköp. Det förvärrar situationen för sexsäljare och löser inte alls de mest prominenta problemen som finns i deras vardag.

What is already known on this topic

Gender based violence has been identified as a global public health and human rights priority, and leads to high morbidity and mortality.
A recent review of gender based violence highlighted how rights violations and abuses against female sex workers are seldom considered in discussions of violence against women.
There is a growing body of qualitative evidence documenting the adverse effects of street policing strategies on the health and safety of sex workers.

What this study adds

Homelessness and inability to access drug treatment were independently correlated with gender based violence against female sex workers, even after adjustment for potential confounding individual and interpersonal risk factors.
This study is among the first epidemiological investigations to demonstrate an independent association between criminalisation of and enforcement based approaches to sex work and raised odds of both physical and sexual violence against female sex workers (min fetstil)
Our findings support global dialogues on preventative approaches to sex work, including removing criminal sanctions that target female sex workers.

Inget nytt under solen, för en liberal som värnar skademinimeringsprincipen. Kan de ideologiskt förblindade feministerna ta och acceptera fakta nu och avkriminalisera sexköp och lägga det på hyllan som den misslyckade metod för att hjälpa utsatta kvinnor som det de facto är?